Mavology is the beginning of a new skincare era. The intentionally cultivation of space, self-awareness, and skincare rituals harness the inner divinity and pure love energy of the true Divine Feminine. We strive to achieve a healthy life balance to nurture and blossom self-love, emotional wellbeing, and a state of peace.

Our Story

Beauty N Simplicity becomes mavology

The Beginning

Before Mavology, there was Beauty N Simplicity. A budding nationally recognized brand that spent 5 years perfecting their craft by providing hydrating and healing skincare products to the community.

In 2021, Beauty N Simplicity had evolved and Mavology was born. After months of pivots and deep thought, the Mavology Philosophy was developed and the brand became bigger than skincare, it is officially a lifestyle brand. Our founder, Mavis E. Hicks’ mission and passion for emotional health and healing through intentional self-care rituals is at the heart of the philosophy. Born during the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic in a time where self-care is at its peak; Mavology strives to create space for encouragement, learning, and permission to slow down, nurture, and explore the role our bodies play in achieving self-love. Our products are formulated with the finest all-natural ingredients and attention to keep the natural cycle of rejuvenation present in the lives of our customers.

Meet Mavis the founder of Mavology Skincare

Meet Mavis

Here at Mavology it's all about you! We recognize that the corner stone of inner emotions are highly affected by our physical state of being and wellness. Our products were created and developed to help release your inner divinity by using the skin as a vehicle to reach the highest peaks of self-love and empowerment. The Mavology Philosophy promotes taking the first steps in making a permanent and positive impact on your body through the rediscovery and pampering of thy self. 

We cannot wait to hear the power Mavology plays in your life and look forward to seeing you shine bright like the Goddess you are. Thank you for choosing and evolving with us. Make Mavology a part of your wellness journey to healthy radiant skin and self-love.